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Krista Frank

Krista Frank
Krista Frank is the Senior VP-Customer Service for Homesteaders Life Company.

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4 Customer Social Styles that Impact Your Funeral Business

February 16, 2017 by Krista Frank
Funeral Home Customer Service, Funeral Home Business

In the mid 1960s, Dr. David Merrill and Roger Reid started researching how social styles – the way we communicate with one another – can impact personal interactions and business relationships. They believed an individual’s social style could be identified by measuring his or her assertiveness and responsiveness. The resulting research unveiled four social types: amiable, expressive, analytic and driver.

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Customer Service As Part of Your Funeral Home Business Strategy

September 29, 2015 by Krista Frank
Funeral Home Customer Service

Customer service is a key strategic function of your funeral home business, working hand-in-hand with marketing and sales. Your community outreach and advertising investments create a brand promise to urge families to consider your funeral home. Here’s how to determine if the customer service experience you provide upholds that promise.

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