Questions to Start the Conversation About Preneed Funeral Planning

People who prearrange their funerals report high levels of satisfaction with their decision, but what gets them to the point where they’re ready to complete and fund their prearrangement? Major purchasing decisions start with awareness of a problem. In this case, the problem is that we’ll all inevitably die – and someone will have to take care of the final arrangements (both logistically and financially).

It’s important to educate the community about the benefits of prearranging, explaining that it is a solution that makes the process of funeral planning much easier. But in order to inspire action, these benefits have to resonate on a personal level. 

The first conversation about preneed funeral planning can be a discovery process – both for you and for the person you’re serving. By asking questions about the person’s plans and preferences, you’ll be able to understand their needs – and help them understand the benefits of advance funeral planning in a meaningful way.

Have you thought about your preferences for your funeral? Have you written down those wishes?

It’s natural for us to consider how we’ll be remembered and about the legacy we’ll leave behind. It’s less common, however, to put those thoughts down in writing. Thinking about death isn’t easy, but if we don’t record our wishes, our loved ones won’t know what we would have wanted. Advance funeral planning allows us to leave a “road map” so our family members won’t have to make tough decisions during a difficult time.

Have you talked to a loved one about your funeral arrangements?

If it’s hard to think about death, it’s even more difficult to talk about it with the people we love. Avoiding these conversations can have significant consequences later, when family members are left with the challenging task of guessing what we would have wanted. Preneed funeral planning professionals are trained to help families through the process of prearranging, making it a smooth and even enjoyable experience.

When you die, who will be in charge of making arrangements? Will your family members agree on what you would have wanted?

Funeral homes are well equipped to take care of families when a death occurs, but it is still an emotionally difficult experience. There are many decisions to make, and family members may experience tension if they don’t agree on those decisions. With advance funeral plans in place, there will be no question as to what we would have wanted. Loved ones will be able to focus on what really matters – supporting one another and sharing memories.

Who will be responsible for paying for your funeral arrangements?

No one wants to leave their loved ones with the financial burden of paying for their funeral. The question of who will handle the payment can cause additional stress and tension, during a time when family members should be celebrating your life. Planning and funding the funeral in advance relieves this strain, which results in peace of mind for the individual now and for family members later.


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