2024 Ins and Outs for Funeral Professionals

You may have seen “ins” and “outs” lists floating around the internet, and we thought the funeral profession could use a list, too! This list is all about what is “in” for 2024 – what will challenge us in good ways and what we will carry into this new year, and what is “out” – or what we will leave behind in 2023 and do better in 2024. Be sure to add your own ins and outs for funeral professionals in the comment section below!


Practicing empathy

You already know that empathy is a crucial trait for someone in the funeral profession, but what role does empathy have in your personal and professional life, and how can you grow your empathy without burning out? Read more about this in our blog post, “How to Be a Champion of Empathy.”

Being a good leader

Everyone has strengths. We aren’t perfect, but we have certain qualities that stand out over others. You may not have every strength you desire, but you can lean into the strongest ones you do have. This excerpt from our blog post about five characteristics of a great funeral home leader emphasizes building on your strengths and developing new skills to be the best leader you can be for your funeral home staff and the families you serve. Find out which characteristics make a great leader, and learn how you can be your best.

Utilizing text-based aftercare

Want to connect with more families in 2024? Did you know that as of 2022, we have generated nearly 40,000 5-star reviews and continue to help our funeral homes rank highly – if not the highest in their local market – on Google so they can help more families in their community? Read more here about how text-based aftercare can transform your aftercare services.

Reading a new book

Interested in setting a reading goal for 2024? We’ve compiled a list of books that might be new to you or great to re-read! From a book about building good habits to relatable stories from a funeral director and mortician, one of these books may pique your interest.

Partnering with a preneed provider that offers a competitive growth rate

As of January 15, we have increased growth rates for all new business by 60 basis points over current levels and an average of six basis points over current levels for in-force business for currently sold products. Visit our website to learn more and discuss how we can help take your business to the next level.

Subscribing to Homesteaders’ Headlines

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Overpaying for caskets and urns

If you could, would you take a time machine to the past to pay less on caskets and urns? With our P3 Price Protection Plan®, you can at least lock in today’s prices and fight tomorrow’s inflation, giving your client families financial stability and peace of mind. Learn more about this plan and get started today.

Not knowing what to text your grieving friend

Even though you spend many hours comforting and serving those who are grieving, sometimes it’s difficult to know what to text or offer a friend who is grieving. In this blog post, we cover seven comforting text messages to send to your loved one that may not be what you expect. You can also share this resource with your client families or loved ones in your life.

Spending too much time on everyday tasks

We’ve all been there – the small, mundane daily tasks we must do seem to pile up. We offer tools for you in this blog post to help streamline your business and productivity and free up time to do what you love – serving your client families.

Not having a growth mindset

2024 is a year to learn and challenge yourself! We offer continuing education courses multiple times throughout the year. Sign up here to receive details when our 2024 continuing education courses become available. In the meantime, you can access Successful Sales Essentials: our free, on-demand training series for preneed professionals. You might also like to check out the book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck, which explores the differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and how one leads to flourishing and success.

Using the sixth edition of Preneed Motivators

If you haven’t heard, the seventh edition of Preneed Motivators is available now for free download! In the newest edition of this report, you will find practical suggestions, based on data, about how to strengthen your relationships with current client families, connect with new families and leverage Homesteaders’ tools to grow your business. Did you know that more people look online for information prior to prearranging than in the past? This means that having helpful, easy-to-find information available on your websites and social channels is more important than ever. Learn more about this and other insights by downloading the full report.

Not dreaming big enough

Have you been thinking about expanding your funeral home but aren’t sure where to start? 2024 is your growth year, and we can help! We have teamed up with The Bancorp Bank, a nationwide funeral industry lender, to offer our exclusive Funeral Business Conventional Loan Program. Learn more about this offer and start achieving your goals today.

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