Become the Funeral Business Your Community Really Values

A few weeks ago, with the temperature creeping into the 90s, my husband and I heard a “click” as the air conditioner attempted to engage. And then… silence. It was one of the few things we had not yet replaced since purchasing our house nearly a decade ago, and we looked at one another knowingly.

Ah, the joys of home ownership.

Since I’d been aware that the end might be near for our aging air conditioner, I already had a local HVAC company in mind and called them to check it out. Sure enough, after a short inspection, I discovered that the unit would need to be replaced.

Needless to say, I’m not an HVAC expert – and thank goodness for the people who are. But beyond that, thank goodness for reliable professionals who took the time to explain our options and the pros and cons of each one. For me, receiving honest, no-pressure guidance through a major buying decision is just as much a part of a company’s value as the actual services delivered.

People often don’t know what they want until they really understand what’s available. By being able to consult with you about their options, they’ll be able to make a more satisfying decision and walk away with a higher perceived value of the experience with your firm.

Earn the questions.

I wouldn’t have called the company that I chose if they weren’t already a known quantity to me. Their marketing efforts and community outreach make them a prominent brand in their service area. Online reviews and references reinforce that they’re an honest and reliable choice.

In short, they’d earned the opportunity to advise me on this decision before I’d even interacted with a member of their staff. Could the same be said for your firm and the families who need your services? Without an effective funeral home marketing strategy, you won’t even get the opportunity to serve as a trusted advisor to families who have questions about funeral services.

Offer information and resources.

Today’s buyers want and expect to be empowered by information that helps them make their decision. That’s the reason why your funeral home website is such a powerful tool – it provides an introduction to the services and value you provide your client families.

This valuable information and guidance should continue seamlessly once a client family gets in touch with you. Looking back on my recent experience, I know that I was able to make a more satisfying decision because the company I worked with presented options that made sense for my situation – along with the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Demonstrate expertise.

When making a buying decision, I like to ask a company representative what others in my situation have chosen. This doesn’t always influence my choice, but I find I can learn a lot about an organization by how their staff members respond. If a company can demonstrate that they have helped people with similar needs to mine (and understand why those customers made their choices), I am more confident about working with them.

Similarly, your expertise extends beyond knowledge of the merchandise and services your funeral business offers. There is tremendous value in understanding how those offerings can provide the overall experience that each family really wants.

That is the type of company I would want to work with. Wouldn’t you?


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