Become the One Funeral Home Families Consider for Preneed Funeral Planning

Funeral service professionals are an important part of every community. They perform an integral service that is often not thought of until it’s needed. It’s vital for today’s funeral homes to make themselves known through different funeral home marketing and advertising strategies, not only to separate them from their local competitors, but also to grow their market share. Here are five ways that funeral homes can become the place for preneed funeral planning.

Promote Your Services in the Community

It’s important for funeral homes to go out into the community to promote the value of funeral service and preneed. Consider setting up booths at local farmers’ markets or community events to share information. You could also get your name out in front of the public by sponsoring an event or a local sports team. Click here to learn more about other ways to reach out to your community.

Get to Know Local Journalists

Developing relationships with journalists at your local media outlets can be beneficial. Not only could you become the go-to expert for funeral related questions in your community, but you could also provide content to them, like letters to the editor and press releases, to publish or broadcast. Consider signing up for Help a Reporter Out (HARO), a mailing list that sends you requests from journalists who are looking for subject matter experts to interview.

Increase Your SEO

Having a well-maintained website is more important now than ever. Your potential customers are using search engines to find you and your competitors, and your website is their first impression of your services. Fortunately, you can utilize several search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to make sure your website stands out. Click here to learn the top three SEO fixes you can do today.

Dive into Content Marketing

Content marketing is a broad range of activities that creates visibility for your firm while also positioning you as an expert in your community. Creating content is a great way to increase your website’s SEO. Tasks like writing a blog, creating a video and hosting a webinar are considered content marketing. One of the easiest steps into content marketing is starting a blog. Click here to learn more about the benefits of starting a funeral home blog.

Learn to Network

If you aren’t already, your funeral home should be networking with other local businesses. These interactions could lead to beneficial partnerships and even some referrals. If you have a strong connection with other businesses, like florists and caterers, they could recommend your firm for their clients’ needs. Learn more about the benefit of word-of-mouth marketing by clicking here.

Marketing should be an important piece of your firm’s overall business strategy. The only way your community will know that you provide preneed funeral planning services is if you tell them!

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