Preneed Policy Owners and Internet Usage: What It Means for Your Firm

How would you change your funeral home marketing strategy if you knew you had a way to connect with the people who want to learn about what you offer – right at your fingertips? For funeral professionals, that ability is a reality as people who use your services turn to online sources for information and communication.

In a 2015 survey of Homesteaders policy owners, 70% of respondents reported that they use the Internet for one or more activities. Among the top activities were email (59%) and information search (49%) – both of which can impact how your firm’s messaging reaches client families.

It’s also worth noting that respondents to the survey indicated high satisfaction with their decision to prearrange and a high likelihood to recommend prearranging to someone else. The responses demonstrate that there are opportunities for firms to use online communication channels to connect with individuals who are likely to see value in the services you provide. Below are a few action steps your funeral home can take to ensure you can reach families online and communicate with them in relevant ways.

Make it easy to find your website.

Do you know which words and phrases people are using to find funeral services in your area? Leveraging this information through search engine optimization (SEO) can help you earn visits to your website from search engines and, in turn, help people learn more about your firm and what sets you apart from your competitors. (Click here to learn more about optimizing your website for search engines.)

Make it easy to contact your staff.

When a person visits your funeral home website, you may have just a few seconds to make a connection. In addition to ensuring your “Contact” page link is prominently displayed in your site navigation, it’s important to make the page itself as user-friendly as possible. If you have multiple contact options, provide instructions that make it clear which option is the best choice for different scenarios. Adding an online form to your page can further simplify the process by ensuring contacts provide specific information you’ll need to better serve them.

Make it easy to connect with your firm.

Funeral homes with actively managed social media pages are experiencing benefits such as brand awareness, community engagement and lead generation. If your firm isn’t participating in the funeral home social media conversation, you may be missing significant opportunities to connect with audiences in ways that, more and more often, are proving to be relevant to them.

Investing time in a thoughtful online funeral home marketing plan now will help lay the groundwork for success long into the future. How has your firm achieved results by leveraging your website and social media to connect with families? Share your success stories and tips in the comments below.

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