Simple Ways to Connect with Preneed Families

Funeral professionals understand the importance of ensuring that every person who interacts with your firm has an exceptional experience, whether preneed, at-need or through aftercare. You also know that an active preneed program is a valuable part of your funeral home’s long-term success because it provides families in the communities you serve with something they want and need. So let’s take a closer look at some simple ways your firm can stay connected with these preneed families and the positive impact those connections can have on the growth of your business.

The Power of a Positive Experience

Homesteaders’ Preneed Motivators highlights the potential influence families who’ve had a positive prearrangement experience with your firm can continue to have after finalizing their plans. The study reveals that policy owners experience high levels of satisfaction with their decision to prearrange. In fact, 96% of policy owners reported they are “completely” or “very” satisfied with their decision to make advance funeral plans.

The study also reveals that 96% of policy owners would at least consider recommending prearranging. More than 40% had already recommended prearrangement to someone within a month of making their own plans. These findings reinforce just how valuable word-of-mouth referrals and online reviews can be for your business.

How to Stay Connected


Cards and Notes

A mailed note can have a powerful and lasting impact. Consider sending personalized sentiments to client families during the holidays and to recognize other significant dates throughout the year, such as birthdays and anniversaries. You may also consider using technology to stay connected through DomaniCare's industry-leading aftercare text message program, offered through Homesteaders Solutions.

Social Media

Be sure you’re actively promoting the advantages of preneed on your funeral home’s website and engaging client families through social media platforms. This could include offering families a way to plan and pay for their funerals on your website, using eFuneral's online sales engine.

When creating web and social content, take the opportunity to highlight your firm's community involvement, staff members and unique offerings. Encourage your preneed client families to share their experiences with your firm and highlight those testimonials to help others who are considering prearranging. A proactive approach to online review management can also help leverage your social media presence to connect with more families.

Special Events

If your firm is offering virtual events during the holidays, be sure to include your preneed client families in addition to your at-need clients and people who participate in your aftercare programs. Every member of your community could likely use some extra support during this time, and these events allow you to continue building relationships. (If you need ideas for content to share with families, we've teamed up with Dr. Jason Troyer of the Finding Resilience program to offer a free videoGrieving During the Holidays.)

Community Presentations

Community presentations, which can also be conducted online, are excellent ways promote your funeral home and educate larger groups of people about the benefits of preplanning and funding. So how do these keep you connected to the preneed families you’ve served? When combined with positive word-of-mouth, active social media and other marketing efforts, these presentations help establish you as a trusted resource and keep your firm top-of-mind. Your preneed families feel good about their decision to prearrange with your funeral home, and when other families in the communities you serve have a need, they’ll think of you.

Homesteaders offers many presentation resources to help you effectively share the benefits of advance funeral planning with your community, including complete presentation kits with slide decks and promotional materials. Contact your account executive to learn more.

What are some ways your funeral home stays connected with your preneed families? Please share your comments below.

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