Top Funeral Home Business Blog Posts of 2022

We feel the same. The year has flown by! By now, you are an expert superfan of our blog posts who loves to review a record year. If not, you are still an eager reader who wants a summary of the best tips for funeral professionals. Wherever you fall within this spectrum, we wanted to bring you a recap of our best blog posts of 2022.

Why Does This Matter?

Homesteaders is here for you. One of our company’s core values is to “Be Your Best.” We carry this value into the resources that we provide to funeral professionals. It’s one of the many bonuses to being part of the Homesteaders family.

Looking at what you found most valuable in 2022 shows us what interests you and can guide us in our 2023 planning. Like you, we are listening to our customers to help transform our business, so we can continuously provide you with relevant resources and effective solutions for your firm.

The Top 5


1. Inflation in the Funeral Profession: Locking in Today's Prices

Inflation was the topic of the year, so it wasn’t surprising that a post about our Price Protection Plan® (P3) made the very top of the list. If you missed it, we highlighted how Homesteaders has partnered with Matthews Aurora™ Funeral Solutions to help protect against casket and urn price inflation and create long-term savings for funeral providers. Read more about how using P3 can also reap big savings for the future of your firm and the families who need stability in unpredictable circumstances.

2. The Complete Guide to Implementing A Funeral Home CRM System

What IS a CRM system? It stands for customer relationship management—words you could also find in any funeral service professional’s job description. Adopting a CRM solution at your funeral home could save your staff time and transform your business. This post is an extensive guide that helps you determine if a CRM system is right for you, the benefits and how you can implement your own CRM system.

3. The Funeral Home Marketing Plan Series

This three-part series walks you through the fundamentals of creating a funeral home marketing plan that works and aids you with the resources needed to build or refine your marketing plan. Read the entire series to learn why you need a marketing plan, how to implement it and how to align it with your customers’ needs:

Part 1: What A Funeral Home Marketing Plan Is and Why It's Necessary

Part 2: How to Conduct A Market Analysis for Your Funeral Home Business

Part 3: 3 Steps to Align Your Funeral Home Marketing Strategy to Your Customer Journey

4. Why Families Prearrange: What Funeral Professionals Need to Know

It’s important for funeral professionals like you to ensure families that advance funeral plans can help relieve added stressors during a difficult time. This post highlights preneed trends and resources to help you have productive conversations for successful prearrangement conferences.

5. Tips for Hiring Preneed Professionals

Another hot topic in the business world this year was staffing. It is hard to find time among your day-to-day tasks to recruit quality talent. This blog post gives you three great tips to help you find, hire and retain quality staff.

What Does This Tell Us?

Based on these results, it seems our readers are clearly interested in standing out in a competitive market and providing quality service to their client families. If you aren’t already, subscribe to our blog so you can stay up to date on the latest topics and trends in the profession.

Finally, if you have any suggestions for blog posts in 2023, feel free to suggest a topic by completing the comment form below.

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