The Top 3 Goals for Funeral Professionals in 2023

New year, new you! Each new calendar year comes with a renewed motivation in setting and achieving goals. You might set new year’s resolutions, goals or even a word of the year. We have compiled the top three goals that could apply to any funeral professional—and all of them center around one word: Grow.

Keep reading for guidance on ways you could grow in 2023, and how we can help you stay on track to achieve those goals.

1. Grow Professionally

Funeral professionals are always learning. You reflect your business and your business reflects you. This gives you a reason to continue working on yourself because when you are at your best, so is your business.

There are various touchpoints throughout the year where you can take time to work on yourself. Commit to attending a conference this year or exploring our continuing education options. Maybe you could pick up a new book like Stories That Stick by NFDA keynote speaker Kindra Hall to help inspire new business strategies.

Stay subscribed to our blog so you are constantly learning and staying up-to-date on industry trends. Recently, we launched a series on Funeral Business Leadership. This series explores how small improvements can help you become a business leader in your industry and community.

2. Grow Your Business

Homesteaders has partnered with The Bancorp Bank for a new conventional loan program for funeral home businesses. This program can help businesses overcome limitations previously faced with other lending options. Funeral home lending could be for you if you want to acquire a funeral home chain, buy a funeral home and cemetery combination business, purchase commercial real estate or refinance debt. If you’re ready to get started, you can learn more here.

We also have a variety of free resources to help your business, including funeral home succession planning and tips on crisis management.

3. Grow Your Technology Solutions

Technology can not only help you streamline business operations but can also improve your client families’ experience with your funeral home. Connect with your client families through text-based aftercare, which has helped many funeral homes improve their google ratings. Consider offering online funeral planning with our partner eFuneral.

Want to hear more? Explore more technology solutions here.

Now you have great resources to launch you into a year of growth. According to, only 10% of people keep their new year’s resolutions. About half say that is because they either didn’t keep track of their progress or forgot about their resolutions. We are here to help you with that!

First, be sure to write down your goals. Then, revisit them and journal each month about your progress. Need help with this part? We have created a year’s worth of material to continue inspiring your personal and professional growth. Sign up here to receive monthly updates to check in on your goals for 2023. We will send the first free resource in February.

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