5 Things to Know about Families Who Prearrange

A new year means new families may consider planning their funerals in advance. Every few years, Homesteaders surveys its policy holders to find out what inspired them to prearrange and the process they took to get there. Take a look at five important learnings from our most recently published survey and how you can use them today in your funeral home.

1. More women prearrange than men.

We discovered that 60% of our policy holders are women. What does that mean for your firm? Consider allocating extra outreach efforts to women in your community, whether it’s through social media ads, direct mail, the “creature comforts” offered in your facility and even who is presenting information about preplanning.

2. It can take families two years to decide to plan their funeral.

Did you know that 25% of families take two years to decide to prearrange? This interesting statistic shows that it’s important for funeral professionals to continuously educate their communities about the value of funeral service. It takes many families a lot of time to consider all of the options when it comes to prearranging, and it’s definitely not something that anyone is taking lightly.

3. People who prearrange may have experienced a recent death.

One of the top reasons people indicated they took action to prearrange was because of the death of a friend or family member. This is a vital point for funeral professionals to keep in mind during a planning conference. The expectations of people who prearrange might be influenced by their recent funeral experiences. It’s important to ensure that every family who prearranges understands all of the options available to them.

4. Most families only considered one funeral home.

One of the most interesting finds from our survey indicated that 72% of client families only considered one funeral home when making their prearrangements. More than likely, it was a funeral home that reached out to them personally, a firm recommended by a family member or friend or one that was marketed to them. This shows the importance of being visible in your community and dedicating some resources to marketing your preneed program.

5. People who prearrange likely to recommend it to someone else.

Our respondents indicated that 96% of policy owners would at least consider recommending prearrangement to a friend or family member. It’s for this reason that asking for and encouraging referrals is so important, especially with a client family that had an exceptional and memorable experience with your firm.

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