Budget-Friendly Community Outreach Ideas for Your Funeral Home

“What if we hosted a monthly classic movie series for our community? What about setting up a May Day basket delivery network? How about organizing a Mother’s Day brunch?”

It’s a lot of fun to brainstorm ways to grow your funeral business – but when it’s over, it’s time to get practical about whether your ideas will fit within a reasonable budget. On the bright side, those constraints can also offer more opportunities to be creative.

Below, you’ll find inspiration to help increase your community outreach efforts without spending a lot of money. You may even find that these ideas help you better use your existing resources and expertise to share your firm’s value proposition with more families.

Host learning opportunities.

Your knowledge about funerals and memorialization is valuable in itself. Hosting community seminars about related topics can help differentiate your firm and build your reputation as a trusted resource for funeral planning.

Take your community’s history and memorialization traditions into account when thinking about potential outreach activities. For example, some cemeteries host walking tours that highlight memorials of historical and local interest. Is there an opportunity to organize or support this type of event in your community?

As you plan the logistics for your event, you’ll also need to build a strategy to make sure it is well attended. Branch out through many different promotional channels, including your funeral home social media, local media outlets, community groups and brand advocates to help share the details about your event and what participants will gain by attending.

Get involved with existing events.

Community outreach often includes getting involved with local festivals, fairs, parades and celebrations. If a large sponsorship commitment isn’t in your budget right now, there are likely alternative ways to participate through smaller donations or by providing volunteers or other resources.

Talk to your staff about their interests to discover how you can help local causes they are passionate about. For example, you could sponsor a group of participants in a charity run or offer time off for volunteer work. Getting your team involved in your firm’s outreach efforts can have the added benefit of creating an even better funeral home workplace, too.

Support local organizations.

Community outreach should build connections that lead to brand loyalty and referrals, and one of the most effective ways to achieve this is to tailor your efforts to the needs of specific organizations. For example, you could:

  • Present to a school group. Many funeral professionals participate in programs with their local schools, such as health and safety campaigns or career fairs. Consider how your firm could share your skills and knowledge in this manner.
  • Support a charity drive. Is your community organizing a food drive that needs another drop-off location? What supplies do schools in your area need to better serve students? Connect with local organizations to find out about opportunities to help coordinate a drive for much-needed items.
  • Serve as a planning resource. Funeral professionals are skilled at event coordination and have many connections in the community. Think about how you can apply those strengths to help plan and organize events through local groups.

Offer your expertise.

For times when hosting or participating in community outreach events just isn’t possible, there are other ways to get involved that require less time and can still be budget-friendly. For example, you could provide guest articles about funeral planning to a publication in your area or offer to share your expertise on a local radio or television program. These efforts can also provide great opportunities to increase the visibility of the aftercare programs your firm offers.

Your community outreach efforts don’t have to break the bank to deliver results. By leveraging the talents and expertise you already have, you can build relationships and help establish your firm as an authority on funeral planning.


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