Understanding Characteristics of Preneed Policy Owners [INFOGRAPHIC]

Frequently gathering and reviewing data is essential to help you understand what your potential client families need (and expect) from your firm. Gaining a big-picture perspective on the overall market can be a helpful first step as you discover ways to improve your services and your methods of communicating with your community.

Homesteaders conducts a survey of policy owners every two years to find out more about their characteristics, preferences and experiences. This study helps funeral professionals better serve client families, which is especially important in the current environment where preferences and perceptions are frequently changing.

What this information can tell you.

Pre-need Motivators 5th Edition BookletThe insights in the infographic below (along with a more detailed analysis in our free Preneed Motivators report) can help you begin to understand the demographics of people who prearrange and prefund their funerals. By conducting frequent research, we can monitor trends in the overall preneed market and provide a foundation for identifying characteristics of people who are likely to be receptive to the benefits of advance funeral planning.


The report may not match specific characteristics and experiences of prearrangers in the area you serve. It also won’t tell you the characteristics of an “ideal” client for your firm. For that, you will need to conduct further research to learn about consumer demographics in your service area, review your past preneed program experience and investigate the attitudes, preferences and perceptions about funeral service that exist in your community.

Pre-need Motivators: Demographics - Download the eBook to Learn More

What you can do next.

Before you make significant changes to your program or your funeral home marketing strategy, verify your ideas with data. Here are a few action steps to get you started:

  • Learn more about the factors that influence the preneed experience. Download our free report to discover additional information about what consumers experience throughout the funeral planning process. It includes survey results that reveal many more characteristics of preneed policy owners, plus an analysis of each demographic listed below.

  • Conduct targeted research for your funeral home. Contact your Homesteaders account executive to discuss market research options, such as a demographic analysis of your community or an in-depth study of consumer attitudes and perceptions related to funeral service.

  • Build your firm’s personas. A persona is a representation of a type of client that your business would like to attract. Use your research to create buyer personas for the people who will benefit most from your firm’s services.

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