Trends that Can Benefit Your Funeral Home Marketing

Earlier this year, Dunkin’ Donuts launched a campaign that leveraged some of the very best qualities of digital marketing. In recognition of Valentine’s Day, the company invited engaged couples to share their proposal stories on the company’s website for a chance to win a $10,000 prize. As part of their marketing efforts for the campaign, they hosted a Facebook Live video event that incorporated a behind-the-scenes tour, social media “shout-outs” to followers who mentioned their company and demos of how the company makes sweet, heart-shaped treats.

The video has been viewed tens of thousands of times and generated thousands of comments, likes and shares. It demonstrates the power that today’s communication channels make available to help brands reach their audiences in creative ways. Its message and content resonate with people by asking them to become active participants in a shared experience.

The campaign incorporates larger trends that mark a shift in how people prefer to interact with brands. Here are a few of the ways your firm can take advantage of these trends to develop funeral home marketing that connects with the people in your community.

Consumers want to be part of the experience.

Digital marketing has broken down barriers between brands and the people they serve. Firms have unprecedented opportunities to be resources for families who want to learn more about funeral service, and specifically the services that are available at your funeral home. By making use of live video capabilities, you can host real-time educational sessions for your community through social media. Using 360-degree photos and videos allows you to create immersive virtual tours of your facilities. Customer service can also be improved when you set up procedures for addressing families’ questions and comments on social media.

Creativity is rewarded.

Brands that are successful in marketing have an important trait in common: They constantly seek out and utilize opportunities to connect with audiences in creative ways and earn their attention. Funeral homes can make use of unique marketing opportunities to help communicate with families about funeral planning and end-of-life issues, whether through aftercare, special events or funeral home social media.

Personalization earns attention and loyalty.

Funeral professionals have noted for years that consumers want (and have come to expect) personalized memorial experiences. Similarly, today’s consumers also respond to marketing messages that directly address their specific needs. Firms that tap into insights about their communities through resources such as client surveys and market research will be better equipped to anticipate what client families really value.

Brand advocates make a difference.

Consider the impact of one person who shares an exceptional experience with your firm through conversations with friends and family members. This impact becomes magnified through the power of online reviews and social media. Platforms such as Facebook are enhancing tools that allow users to easily request and offer recommendations – further evidence that these types of referrals are incredibly powerful for both consumers and companies. Firms that consistently demonstrate the value of their services stand to gain even more support from their brand advocates.

Many trends in consumer preferences and communication styles apply to how funeral professionals can effectively share their messages with their communities and earn their business. As the year comes to a close, consider ways you can differentiate your firm through your funeral home marketing efforts.


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