Funeral Home Social Media Resources

Learn why social media matters for your funeral home and discover social media platforms and tips to help promote your business.



Why Social Media Matters for Your Funeral Home Business

5 Reasons Why Funeral Home Social Media Matters

Social media goes beyond creating a place where people can express their thoughts. You need to really know your audience before launching a social media strategy for your funeral home, and here are five reasons:

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Build a Successful Funeral Home Social Media Strategy

Social media has tremendous power to position your business as the top choice in your community. When you invest time in your funeral home social media strategy, you can increase your firm’s reach and capture more market share. Discover several practical tips for how you can get started on your funeral home social media strategy.

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Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Funeral Home Business




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3 Facebook Features to Boost Your Funeral Home Social Media

Developers at Facebook and many other sites continue to expand their abilities (and their worldwide reach) to include more community- and video-focused components. Funeral homes can easily take advantage these features to increase the number of people they connect with in their surrounding area. Take a look at the add-ons offered by Facebook that could help boost your funeral home social media marketing.

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A female business professional recording a video of herself using her phone and a tripod.
Four Ways to Boost Your Funeral Home Social Media with Facebook Live 

When you’re ready to start creating Facebook Live videos, it’s important to get it right – not just technically (you can find a guide to that here), but also by understanding when Facebook Live is the right tool to help you reach your goals. Here are four examples of how your funeral home can leverage Facebook Live to become the preferred funeral business in your community.

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Promoting a Funeral Home Event on Facebook

Every day, millions of people are active on Facebook to connect with family, friends and businesses. For funeral professionals, this presents a tremendous opportunity to promote your funeral home events to a wider audience and target your advertising efforts to reach those who will be most likely to attend. Discover how your funeral home can get more attendees for your events with Facebook Events.

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How to Add Instagram to Your Funeral Home’s Social Media

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms today, with an average of 2 billion active users per month. It’s easy to brush off Instagram’s success, especially if your funeral home just recently started managing a Facebook page. However, you shouldn’t rule Instagram out as an important marketing tool.

If your funeral home is ready to dive in to the world of Instagram, here are answers to a few questions you may have.

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7 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Funeral Professionals 

Over the past few years, LinkedIn has built a platform that makes networking and career-building simple, easy and entertaining. With the addition of long-form posts, an increase in video content and an uptick in interest-focused groups, LinkedIn has created a space where people of all backgrounds and careers can connect and share ideas. It has turned into a place of positivity and learning instead of a place where you only go to search for a new job.

One of the most important parts of anyone’s LinkedIn experience is their profile. Much like Facebook and Twitter, you profile is the place people go first to learn about who you are. Completing the information and questions on this page can lead to a better overall experience on the website or app. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

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Using Pinterest for Funeral Home Marketing 

Pinterest’s mission is to provide ideas that people can use offline in their everyday lives, including their jobs. Bloggers use the site to get inspiration for projects and share their own tips. Designers use the site to get feedback on new ideas, gauge which concepts are the most popular and eventually publicize their creations for sale. Wedding planners create accounts to collect ideas for their clients and collaborate on creating memorable events. 

It’s easy to see how Pinterest can be a valuable tool for funeral professionals. Planning an exceptional memorial event requires creativity and organization, both of which are strengths of the site. Pinterest features an entire category for funeral ideas, for example, in which users pin images for floral arrangements, memory boards, eulogy tips and funeral attire.

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Social Media Tips for Your Funeral Home Business


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5 Ways to Make Managing Funeral Home Social Media Easier

Your firm has a remarkable opportunity — an opportunity to leverage social media marketing to generate leads, build brand awareness and provide unique value to your community by sharing your expertise in funeral planning. So, what’s stopping some brands from using the tools that social media has to offer? Here are five ways to set your firm on a course for funeral home social media success:

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Sharing the Benefits of Preneed Funeral Planning on Social Media 

Social media posts are intended to be brief, so you’ll need to get creative in how you use them to share the benefits of advance funeral planning. Rather than including many different points in a single post, think about how you can break up the content to provide information that will resonate with your audience. Below are a few ideas to help you get started:

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Social Media Account After Death: Memorialization Options

Among many things, one part of a person’s legacy is their digital footprint, including social media profiles. We invest a lot of time into building an online presence that reflects our personality. But what happens to social media accounts after we die?

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4 Big Funeral Home Social Media Mistakes — and How to Fix Them

There are no foolproof instructions when it comes to managing a social media profile. That being said, social media isn’t as scary as it seems. Discover how you can avoid these common mistakes that funeral home businesses make on social media.

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