Funeral Home Marketing Resources

Learn why funeral home marketing is important, how you can get started and tips to keep in mind.


Why You Should Market Your Funeral Home


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Funeral Industry Statistics That Will Change Your Approach to Funeral Home Marketing 

In today’s competitive marketplace, funeral home marketing is an essential component of a successful long-term business strategy. Many of our funeral home customers have limited resources to devote to marketing. So, how do you implement a more strategic approach? We’ve compiled some statistics to help you get started.

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Why Funeral Directors Need to Care About Marketing Their Firms

With all of the responsibilities that funeral directors must navigate every day, it’s not surprising that marketing activities aren’t always a top priority. But it’s important for funeral professionals to pay close attention to the marketing efforts, especially as consumers become more likely to research their options before making a decision. 

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How to Market Your Funeral Home


Start with a Marketing Plan


The Funeral Home Marketing Plan Series

Do you have a steady stream of preneed and at-need clients, or do you find that your marketing campaigns fall short of generating enough qualified leads to support your business goals? Having a comprehensive marketing plan in place can help you target the right consumers in your community with the right messaging at the right time. This complete series will walk you through the fundamentals of creating a funeral home marketing plan that works and aid you with resources to help you build or refine your funeral home’s marketing plan.

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Identify the Appropriate Marketing Channels and Tools


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Is Your Funeral Home Website Optimized for Search

When was the last time you conducted an online search and explored past the first page of results? If you’re like most search engine users, you probably rarely even bother to pay attention to websites that appear after the top five results.

An effective search engine optimization strategy for your funeral home’s website can help your firm earn one of the top spots in search engine results pages (SERPs) where your client families and prospective client families are much more likely to see your content and click through to your website.

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How a Funeral Home Blog Can Help You Connect with Your Community

Starting a blog isn’t just an obligatory marketing exercise because it’s “expected” by today’s website visitors — it’s a way to create an outlet where you can share messages about your funeral home and about funeral service.

How often have you wished for a better way to explain what your funeral home does for your community and educate people about funeral planning? Here are a few of the ways a funeral home blog provides an opportunity to share information and connect with your community in meaningful ways.

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12 Funeral Home Blog Posts You Can Write Immediately 

The most difficult part of operating a blog is ensuring that it is periodically updated with relevant information. Set a reasonable and consistent goal – such as posting once per month – and then create a content calendar that will help you stay on track to reach that goal. Your expertise can make your funeral home a valuable source of information about many different topics. Discover 12 funeral home blog post prompts to help you get started.

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8 Reasons to Redesign Your Funeral Home’s Website

Does the experience your website provides match the exceptional service of your funeral home staff? If potential families conduct additional research on your website, will they find enough information to set up an appointment? You owe it to the families you serve to establish an online presence that truly reflects the value you bring to the community. Here are a few of the signs your current website doesn’t measure up:

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Low-Cost Video Marketing Tools for Funeral Homes

Did you know that video marketing remains a key priority for businesses? If you want to produce professional marketing videos, you are going to need to spend a little bit of money. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be selective about where you place those dollars. Here are a few suggestions for getting started without breaking the bank.

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Effective Direct Mail Practices for Your Funeral Home 

For many years, funeral home businesses have used direct mail as one way to establish relationships with potential preneed customers, but the most effective methods are always changing alongside evolving consumer preferences. Discover several effective direct mail practices to test for your funeral home’s marketing efforts.

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Tips for Marketing Your Funeral Home


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5 Ways to Improve Your Funeral Home Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

It's no secret that facility maintenance, staff salaries and licensing fees demand a large portion of your funeral home's annual overhead, leaving little budget for new initiatives. Fortunately, funeral home marketing doesn't have to cost a lot. Today's digital landscape rewards imagination and creative customer experience far more often than costly marketing campaigns. Not sure where to start? Discover five ways to improve your funeral home marketing on a shoestring budget.

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High Impact Marketing Ideas for Your Firm

For funeral professionals, there is never enough time in the day to complete every task that needs to be done. You spend as much time as you can helping families say goodbye to their loved ones, but still also need to find time for administrative work to maintain the building and keep the business running. Marketing is an essential piece of that puzzle as well. These high-impact marketing ideas will help you work smarter, not harder, to ensure your community's families understand all you have to offer.

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Common Funeral Home Marketing Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Marketing is a constantly moving target. There are a thousand ways to do it and no clear-cut path to success. It’s often a game of trial and error, which can be frustrating for businesses that are trying to reach more customers. Even though there’s no fool proof map to marketing success, there are several ways to hurt your marketing efforts before they even begin. Here are several marketing mistakes to avoid when promoting your funeral home’s services and how you can fix them.

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