How to Implement a Lead Assessment and Grow Your Business

Do you keep a weekly checklist or journal to track where your leads are coming from? I’ve discovered throughout my career that few funeral professionals actually do. Creating a map that shows your measurements, data and ratios that you can analyze quarterly, mid-year and at year-end allows you to examine your progress and grow your business.

Without proper measurement, your funeral home could be spending advertising money in the wrong markets or hosting events that aren’t effectively engaging the community. Here are three steps you can take to implement lead assessments in your funeral home.

1. Determine Your Lead Sources

Right now, where are you getting your preneed leads? Do you work with mostly walk-ins, or do you utilize a direct mail program? Do you have a strong referral system, or do you get a lot of responses from social media? Make a list of every lead source.

2. Set Up Your Spreadsheet

Now that you have your lead sources, it’s time to create a system to track your leads. Determine what aspect of the lead generation process is most important to you. Is it simply the total number of leads per source, per week, or is it more detailed? Consider including information about which appointments you’ve set, who you've called back and who has stated they’re not interested. You could also track your sales alongside your leads. If you’re not sure where to begin, download Homesteaders’ Lead Generation Worksheet to get started.

3. Start Tallying

Starting at the beginning of the week, use your new lead generation sheet to keep track of every lead you encounter. Don’t be afraid to add new lead sources that you hadn’t thought of before and make adjustments to your process as you see fit. At the end of each month, quarter and year, you will have a realistic idea of where your funeral home’s preneed leads are originating.

Throughout this process, you’ll probably discover that you aren’t doing equally well in all areas of lead generation, and that’s okay. The goal of this exercise is to give you a reality check. In many cases, sales advisors think they know their top three lead generators, but after this exercise, they realize there was often a much different picture that they were missing.

Once you’ve gotten used to tracking your leads, you’ll be able to start introducing new lead channels into your funeral home business and better allotting your advertising budget. For assistance in fine-tuning your lead generation process, contact your Homesteaders account executive.

Gary Weisenbach is a senior account executive for Homesteaders Life Company. His post is adapted from an article that originally appeared in the myHomesteaders newsletter.

Download the lead tracking worksheet

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