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How to Achieve — and Demonstrate — Funeral Home Customer Loyalty

January 26, 2016 by Dean Lambert
Funeral Home Marketing

Even the best memorial service experiences may not lead to long-term customer loyalty. Sure, the afterglow following services may result in a post-service survey that earns top scores on your scale across the board. But will the survey respondent, other family members or attendees think of your funeral home first the next time they (or people they know) need to plan a funeral? If you sent the same follow-up survey several months later, would you receive the same positive result?

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Get Started with Scenario Planning for Your Funeral Home Business

January 21, 2016 by Alyssa McNab
Funeral Home Business

The best way to face uncertainty is to be prepared with the information needed to effectively respond to potential situations. With scenario planning, you can use the data you already have to make informed decisions that ensure the long-term success of your funeral home business.

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What Families Who Choose Cremation Services Want You to Know

January 19, 2016 by Alyssa McNab

Think about the most recent positive experience you had with a service provider. Most likely, your experience was notable because the people you worked with made an effort to understand your preferences and then used their own expertise to offer reliable suggestions about how they could accommodate your choices.

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Why Advance Funeral Arrangements Matter for the “Silent Generation”

January 14, 2016 by Alyssa McNab
Preneed Funeral Planning

They’re family-focused. They’ve been described as having “redefined leadership.” And they’re the generation that drove a booming economy. They’re members of the Silent Generation, born 1925-1945, and their values and perceptions about funeral service can have a significant impact on your funeral home’s advance funeral planning program.

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Continuing the Conversation After Prearranging

January 12, 2016 by Alyssa McNab
Preneed Funeral Planning, Preneed Marketing

It’s been more than seven years since my husband and I purchased our first home together, but I can still easily remember the experience we had with our realtor. She skillfully guided us through the unfamiliar territory of real estate transactions and helped us feel confident in our purchase. She went out of her way to accommodate our requests, answer questions and ensure everything went smoothly. In the months following our home purchase, we were quick to recommend her services to anyone who mentioned they were in the market for a house.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Funeral Home Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

January 07, 2016 by Danielle Burmeister
Funeral Home Marketing

In December 2012, The Cheesecake Factory launched an experiential marketing campaign featuring balloons infused with scented oil. They hired a street team to interact with holiday shoppers, distributing the balloons on busy streets, at local bus stops and in nearby malls. When popped, the balloons filled the air with the smell of one of the restaurant’s most popular cheesecake flavors. Each balloon also included an invitation to visit the nearest Cheesecake Factory location for a free slice of its signature dessert.

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6 Funeral Business Scenarios Preneed Funeral Planning Can Help Solve

January 05, 2016 by Alyssa McNab
Preneed Funeral Planning, Funeral Home Business

Funeral directors must navigate many challenges each day in order to operate a successful funeral home business. You demonstrate the agility required to meet shifting consumer demands and manage the effects of economic conditions – all while ensuring that families receive the best possible care during day-to-day operations.

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Why Value, Not Price, Matters Most to Funeral Home Client Families

December 29, 2015 by Danielle Burmeister
Funeral Home Marketing

My dad has worn the same pair of shoes for over a decade. They’re Allen Edmonds Park Avenue oxfords, a dress shoe that retails for just under $400. He’s taken meticulous care of these shoes – cleaning them regularly, polishing them with the recommended brush and polish set and sending them in for professional “recrafting” every five years. When I asked him why he spends so much time (and money) on a single pair of shoes, he reminded me that funeral directors spend a great deal of time on their feet – at visitations, funerals and gravesides – and that “you get what you pay for.”

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Life Lessons From Working in Funeral Service

December 22, 2015 by Homesteaders Life Company
Funeral Directors, Funeral Home Business

At Homesteaders, we are committed to promoting the value of funeral service. We have always believed we are in two businesses – funeral service and insurance – and we want our staff to reflect our values. Many of our employees had experience in the funeral profession prior to joining Homesteaders – some as funeral directors, some as administrative support and a few who actually grew up in a funeral home.

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How Funeral Professionals Can Build Relationships with Hospices (Part 2)

December 17, 2015 by Kim Medici Shelquist
Funeral Industry Trends

In last week’s post, I explained how hospice care professionals sometimes serve as “gatekeepers” for a significant number of families who need funeral service. Instead of being a negative attribute, however, this presents opportunities to forge lasting professional relationships and identify clients who will benefit from your services.

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