5 Goals to Set for Your Funeral Home Business This Year

The term “New Year’s resolution” can bring mixed feelings. For some, it’s become associated with good intentions that are forgotten almost as soon as they’re set in place. For others, it’s a genuine opportunity to evaluate changes that can be made to improve their personal and professional lives in the year to come.

Regardless of which opinion you hold about resolutions, the beginning of the year does offer a chance to consider your funeral home business from a fresh perspective. Setting achievable goals for what you want to accomplish in the new year can help you make better short-term and long-term plans for your firm. Here are a few changes to consider in 2018.

1. Invest in training and education.

Funeral service changes quickly – do you have the tools and skills you need to meet new demands? This year, make it a goal to invest time in training and continuing education.

The first step is to evaluate the needs of your business and your own professional goals. This will give you some direction on what you need to improve, so you can register for courses that address those needs and allow you to get the full benefits of professional development.

2. Make time for strategic planning.

The immediate demands of the funeral service profession can make it difficult to focus on long-term plans. But making plans now will allow you to be proactive when unexpected situations occur, and help you make more informed short-term business decisions.

Not sure where to get started? Our recent blog post outlines some of the action steps you need to take during a strategic planning cycle. You can also use our SWOT analysis worksheet to help you identify factors that will impact your business.

3. Enhance your digital marketing efforts.

For people who are searching for information about funeral services online, your funeral home website and social media pages are like the “front door” to your firm. What first impression does your online presence make?

Set aside time to reevaluate what your digital marketing says about your firm – and identify areas for improvement. Consider this an ongoing project, because the best practices for search engine optimization and social media are constantly evolving.

4. Make "course adjustments" when needed.

A funeral professional’s work can be incredibly rewarding but, as Dr. Jason Troyer noted in a recent blog post, it can also come with significant challenges. From time constraints to the emotional effects of helping bereaved families, funeral professionals need support to prevent burnout and stay on a productive path.

Dr. Troyer’s post contains some suggestions for making these small “course adjustments,” such as writing in a journal and taking time to focus on your health. Stay tuned for additional details about the career fatigue program that we are currently developing with Dr. Troyer to help support funeral and allied professionals.

5. Find new ways to bring value to your community.

Too often, people simply don’t fully understand the important role of funeral professionals until they are in need of their services. Consider ways you can share your expertise with a wider audience through new community outreach initiatives.

Whether you contribute to your local news outlets with a guest column about funeral service, host community seminars or serve as a guest speaker for local organizations, you can help share the value of funeral service with people who need and appreciate your insights.

What professional goals have you set for yourself or your business this year? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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