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How Preneed Sales Can Increase the Profitability of Your Funeral Home

December 12, 2023 by Alyssa McNab
Funeral Home Business

Funeral homes that actively communicate the benefits of advance funeral planning are doing right by their communities by empowering them with information about a service they want and need. When you provide what your client families want, you’ll have an important opportunity to increase the profitability of your funeral home.

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7 Ways to Support Employees During the Holiday Season

December 7, 2023 by Nicole Eilers
Featured, Funeral Home Business

The holiday season is a time for joy, celebration and togetherness with family and friends. For those in the funeral service profession however, it’s also one of the busiest times of the year.  

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How to Be a Champion of Empathy

November 17, 2023 by Aemelia Tripp

You may be a champion of many things: your work, your passions, your family, your friends and yourself. But how can you champion each of these areas in your life more deeply? Empathy allows you to grow your connections with other people and is an important trait for funeral home leaders and for anyone else who is supporting someone who has lost a loved one.

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4 Tips to Increase Brand Awareness in Your Community

November 9, 2023 by Niki Smith
Featured, Funeral Home Business

You work hard to provide thoughtful, essential services to the families in your community. You bring your best when families experience their toughest time. But how do you build and maintain a strong relationship with those client families and others in your community? Those relationships are crucial for the long-term success and reputation of your firm.

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Insights and Takeaways from the 2023 ICCFA Leadership Summit

November 2, 2023 by Nicole Eilers
Featured, Funeral Home Business

The International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA) recently held its annual Leadership Summit October 24 – 26 in Tucson, Arizona. This year’s event was in partnership with the Death Care Collective, an organization of female leaders dedicated to fostering connections, strengthening relationships, and empowering women in the death care profession

We sat down with Homesteaders’ leaders Scott Morris, Regional Director – Strategic Markets; Dan Lodermeier, Vice President – Field Sales and Danielle Burmeister, Vice President – Marketing Communications, who attended the summit for their takeaways from the event.

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Top 5 Characteristics of a Great Funeral Home Leader

October 12, 2023 by Niki Smith
Featured, Funeral Home Business

The funeral profession is in the business of compassion. Each day emotions are high, and every action of a funeral home leader can have a lasting impact on client families and your staff. Therefore, being a funeral home leader isn’t just about managing a business but being a part of client families during an impactful and challenging time of their lives.

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Why Your Funeral Home Should Use Multi-Factor Authentication

September 14, 2023 by Aemelia Tripp
Featured, Funeral Home Business

As Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) becomes more prevalent in both business and personal digital uses, we were curious about how MFA works and best practices for using it. Below we will define MFA and explore its impact to the funeral profession.

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5 Things to Do in Las Vegas During the 2023 NFDA Convention

September 7, 2023 by Amy Johnson
Featured, Industry Events

The 2023 National Funeral Directors Association International Convention & Expo is fast-approaching, and we’re excited about all there is to see and do at this year’s convention in Las Vegas, Nevada!

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How Cemeteries are Staying Relevant in the Digital Age

August 24, 2023 by Aemelia Tripp
Funeral Industry Trends, Featured

Have you seen the 2005 film Serenity? There was a scene where (mild spoiler alert) you see three gravestones overlooking rugged and rocky desert terrain. You might have noticed there was something different about these gravestones: they each held a digital pixel-style image hovering above the stone with a holographic portrait of each person who had passed. These mini-movies seem to only exist in the science fiction deathcare space. But maybe there’s a place for the future in our present.

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6 Reasons to Preplan Your Funeral

August 10, 2023 by Nicole Eilers
Featured, Funeral Planning

No one likes the thought of their own death, and planning a funeral can be uncomfortable and daunting for some people, but it doesn’t have to be. With advance funeral planning, you’re helping ensure your final wishes and saving your family the emotional and financial burden of having to make these important decisions after you’re gone.

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