Tips for Connecting with Client Families Online

We know you’re working to stay connected to families in your community throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, so we’ve created a roundup of our most popular blog posts that feature ways to reach client families online. From Facebook events to optimizing your funeral home website, you’ll find a wealth of tips below to help you reach client families while practicing social distancing.

Social Media Tips

Promoting a Funeral Home Event on Facebook

Facebook Events – even when used for digital presentations – present a tremendous opportunity to expand your reach those who will be most likely to attend. Read this post to discover how your firm can engage your community through Facebook Events.

3 Facebook Features to Boost Your Funeral Home Social Media

Most of the major social media platforms offer many more features than just posting updates and links. Developers at Facebook and many other sites continue to expand their abilities (and their worldwide reach) to include more community- and video-focused components. Funeral homes can easily take advantage these features to increase the number of people they connect with in their surrounding area. This post provides an overview of three add-ons offered by Facebook that could help boost your funeral home social media marketing.

Sharing the Benefits of Advance Planning on Social Media

One of the most valuable gifts funeral professionals have to offer families is the ability to facilitate important conversations about final wishes. Your expertise allows you to educate people about the value of planning ahead to ensure their memorialization preferences will be honored. This post provides helpful ways to leverage your funeral home’s social media channels to encourage those important conversations.

4 Ways to Improve Your Funeral Home Social Media with Facebook Live

Now a key feature of social media marketing, live video has long since passed the point of being used primarily by large brands. This tool can boost brand awareness and preference for local businesses such as funeral homes, earning thousands of views through content that showcases what makes them unique and giving them an opportunity to virtually open their doors to the community. This kind of engagement is even more important when you cannot meet with community members in person.

Video Tips

Low-Cost Video Tools for Your Funeral Home Marketing

During this time when funeral professionals are unable to meet face to face, many are shifting their focus to video – live streaming funerals, hosting video conferences for arrangements, filming video messages or Facebook live videos to stay connected to their communities. Learn about easy (and inexpensive) ways to improve the quality of your videos.

How to Create Great Marketing Videos on a Budget

Video marketing is an effective medium to reach your client families in meaningful and memorable ways – but unless you plan carefully, creating quality content can be expensive. If you want to produce professional marketing videos, you are going to need to spend a little bit of money. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be selective about where you place those dollars. Read this two-part blog series for a few suggestions for getting started without breaking the bank.

Website Tips

Optimizing Your Funeral Home Website

Now might be an ideal time to take a critical look at your funeral home website. Families may not be able to walk through your door right now, but that doesn’t mean they’re not “visiting” your funeral home digitally. This post from eFuneral President Luke Frieberg guides you through an inventory of your current site and helps you identify easy ways to optimize it to achieve your goals.

SEO Fixes for Your Funeral Home Website

When was the last time you conducted an online search and explored past the first page of search engine results? If you’re like the majority of search engine users, you probably rarely even bother to pay attention to websites that appear after the top five results. An effective website search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can help your funeral business website earn one of those top spots where your clients and potential clients are much more likely to see your content.

12 Funeral Home Blog Posts You Can Write Immediately

Families in your community are searching for information about funeral services online – but who is providing the answers to their questions? If you can’t confidently say that your firm’s website is a solid resource for information about funeral services in your community, it may be time to add a funeral home blog to your marketing efforts. This post provides 12 topics that lend themselves to your unique expertise.

How a Funeral Home Blog Can Help You Connect with Your Community

How often have you wished for a better way to explain what your funeral home does for your community and educate people about funeral planning? Read this post to learn a few of the ways a funeral home blog provides an opportunity to share information and connect with your community.

Creating an Exceptional Online Customer Service Experience

Online customer service is valuable for all businesses, especially now when we’re so dependent on digital communication channels to stay connected. While it may seem unlikely that someone will send you a message on Facebook during an at-need situation, there are several other ways client families can benefit from your online presence, including education and prearrangements. Discover five ways you can create a meaningful online customer service experience.

Bonus Tips

6 Ways to Improve Communication with Client Families

Families frequently cite excellent communication as a key component of their satisfaction when writing their reviews. This post includes six easy ways to improve the way you communicate with client families and start earning even more great reviews for your own firm.

Effective Direct Mail Practices for Your Funeral Home Business

Direct mail has proven its value as a highly targeted and personal marketing effort for funeral homes, and can offer another effective way to connect with families during this time. This post offers tips for how to implement a successful direct mail campaign for your firm.

We hope these tips will help you stay connected with your communities during this time when online communication is more important than ever. Homesteaders has also developed numerous tools and resources to help funeral professionals continue to serve preneed client families while it is not possible to meet in person. Contact your account executive to learn more about these options.

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